The Body Management program

A Five Step 120 day program used to rebuild health naturally and assist in creating ones own personal practices to maintain their Health and Wellness Holistically.

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N'Goma Dance Therapy

Dance Therapy consist of two  Classes:

  • Rhythm and Yoga
  • African Healing Movement

These classes are offered as a way to get active, fit and develop healthy practices to carry you everyday life.

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100% Vegan Capsules to help strengthen the Immune System

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our mission

The Better Health Regimen, LLC is a one of a kind wellness program created to assist clients in rebuilding their health using classical means such as Nutrition, Materia Medica (Herbs), Physical Activity and Spiritual Counseling.

Our Mission is to assist the client with rebuilding and creating a sense of P.E.A.C.E within the body and in their daily lives using these principles:

P- Preserve your Mental and Physical Wellness

E- Eat to live without causing harm to our self or others

A-Accept that our decisions yesterday created our life today

C-Challenge ourselves to make decisions today that will create a better tomorrow

E-Extend ourselves by sharing the knowledge we earn as a living example of these principals

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Find Your "P.E.A.C.E"

Tired of faddish Teas and Diets that help you loose weight but as soon as you stop you're right back where you started?Having a hard time finding the motivation to get to the Gym or get active?Are you ready to reach new heights on your Health and Wellness journey? If so, let me help you create a Holistic Regimen to fit your life and find your P.E.A.C.E. Click the button to set up a consultation....ASHE